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Yachts in San Andres: Best option for an unforgettable day


Yachts in San Andrés can be an excellent option for those looking to spend an unforgettable day on the island. These yachts can offer an exclusive and personalized sailing experience , with the possibility of visiting isolated places on the island and exploring the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Cartagena Tours offers you a quick and easy way to rent a boat in Cartagena .

Where is San Andres?

San Andrés is an island in the Caribbean Sea , about 700 km north of the Colombian coast. It is part of an archipelago called the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, which also includes the islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina. San Andrés is attached to Colombia as a department, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean region of South America.

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What are the advantages of renting a yacht in San Andrés?

  • Exclusivity: Private yachts offer an exclusive sailing experience, without the crowds that can be found on massive tours.
  • Personalization: When chartering a yacht, passengers can customize their itinerary and choose the activities they want to do during the day.
  • Comfort: Yachts often have comfortable seating areas, bathrooms, and well-equipped galleys, offering a comfortable and relaxing environment for passengers.
  • Exploration of isolated places: Yachts can visit places that are difficult to reach by land, such as small islands and isolated beaches.
  • Water sports: Many yachts offer activities such as snorkeling, diving, paddleboarding, and other water activities.
  • Luxury Experience: Some yachts can offer a luxury sailing experience, with butlers, private chefs, and other special amenities.
yacht in san andres

In summary, yachts in San Andrés can offer an exclusive and personalized sailing experience, with the possibility of visiting isolated places on the island and exploring the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. This can be ideal for those looking for a different and unique tourism experience in San Andrés.

Thanks to Cartagena-Tours , our clients have the possibility of renting a small yacht for their vacations or a large one, according to their desires, needs and preferences in just a few clicks.

What makes a boat a yacht?

A yacht is generally considered to be a large, high-quality pleasure vessel used for long-term pleasure trips or luxury activities at sea. The criteria that can determine that a boat is actually a yacht.

  • Size: Yachts are often over 25 meters in length, but some can exceed 100 meters.
  • Comfort and luxury: yachts are usually equipped with elements of comfort and luxury, such as spacious cabins, lounges and dining rooms, bars, swimming pools, jacuzzis, cinemas and sports facilities.
  • Features: Yachts are often equipped with powerful engines that ensure smooth and fast sailing, as well as sophisticated navigation technologies that ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.
  • Cost: Yachts are often expensive to build, maintain, and operate, which is why they are often associated with a high standard of living.

Is a yacht comfortable?

Yes , yachts are usually considered very comfortable recreational boats. The yachts are usually equipped with elements of comfort and luxury , such as spacious cabins , lounges and dining rooms , bars , swimming pools , jacuzzis , cinemas and gyms . The cabins on board the yachts are usually very comfortable, with comfortable beds , private bathrooms and space to store luggage. Yachts may also offer outside space for alfresco dining, comfortable seating for enjoying the views, and entertainment facilities such as music and cinema systems .

yachts san andres

In addition, yachts are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride , such as stabilizers that reduce the impact of waves and air conditioning systems that maintain a comfortable temperature on board. In short, yachts offer a high-end sailing experience, with incomparable comfort and luxury for passengers.

Can many people stay on a yacht?

The capacity of a yacht depends on its size , configuration and security capacity. Yachts can vary considerably in size, from small yachts for a few passengers to large vessels for groups of more than 100 people . In general, the yachts are designed to accommodate a small number of passengers, often between 8 and 12 people , with professional crews that guarantee the comfort and safety of the passengers.

However, it is also possible to charter larger yachts for special events such as private parties, weddings or corporate events. These larger yachts can accommodate a larger number of passengers, but it is important to check the capacity for safety and comfort before chartering a yacht for a large group.

In summary, yachts are often designed to offer unparalleled comfort and luxury to a small number of passengers , but it is possible to charter larger yachts for special events, as long as the safety and comfort limits of the vessel are respected.

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