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Rent a small yacht for your vacation


Renting a small yacht can be an excellent option to spend an unforgettable vacation at sea. This type of boat offers you exceptional comfort , so you can just enjoy the scenery . However, it is important to consider the size, itinerary, charter duration, cost, services and local regulations before choosing and chartering a yacht.

Rent a small yacht for your vacation

Why rent a small yacht for your vacation instead of a big one?

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Chartering a small yacht over a large one can have its advantages depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Cost: Small yachts are usually cheaper than larger ones due to their size and level of equipment. If you are on a budget, a small yacht may be a more affordable option.
  • Accessibility: Small yachts can access areas that larger yachts cannot, such as narrow coves, shallower harbors and narrower channels. This means that passengers can discover exclusive places that cannot be accessed by large yachts.
  • Flexibility: Smaller yachts offer greater flexibility in terms of itinerary, ports of call and activities. Passengers can change their itinerary and activities more easily than on a large yacht, which has greater logistical constraints.
  • Privacy: Small yachts offer a more intimate and private experience than larger ones, as they are usually designed for smaller groups of people. Passengers can enjoy a more personalized and private experience.
  • Ease of Sailing: Small yachts are easier to maneuver and navigate than larger ones. This means that passengers can be more involved in navigation and maneuvering, if they wish.

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Why charter a yacht for sightseeing?

Chartering a yacht for sightseeing offers a unique and luxurious experience to explore new destinations.

  • Comfort: Luxury yachts are equipped with all the necessary amenities to provide optimum comfort, including en-suite staterooms, fully equipped galleys, comfortable living spaces, entertainment facilities, leisure facilities and outdoor decks to relax and enjoy. the views.
  • Freedom of movement: Yachts offer freedom of movement to explore remote places, secluded coves and hidden beaches, without being limited by traditional cruise itineraries and schedules. Passengers can choose their own itinerary and decide when and where they want to go.
  • Privacy: Yachts are often designed for smaller groups of people, so they offer a more intimate and private travel experience. Passengers can enjoy total privacy and avoid the crowds of tourists that can occur in the most popular tourist destinations.
  • Personalization: Yachts can be customized to guest preferences, including food, drink, activities and itineraries. Passengers can work directly with the crew to create a tailor-made trip that meets their needs and desires.
  • Unique experience: Yachts offer a unique and memorable travel experience. Passengers can discover exclusive destinations and unique experiences not available with traditional travel. Yachts can also offer a luxurious living experience on board, with personalized service, high-end cuisine and first-class leisure facilities.
Cartagena yacht charter

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Is a small yacht as comfortable as a big one?

A small yacht can offer similar comfort to a large yacht, although there may be differences in terms of space and equipment.

  • Accommodation: The level of comfort offered by a yacht depends to a large extent on its interior layout. A small yacht, well designed and equipped, can offer comfort similar to that of a large yacht.
  • Equipment: The level of equipment of the yacht is also important for the comfort of the passengers. Small yachts can be equipped with air conditioning systems, comfortable lounges, en-suite cabins and fully equipped kitchens, just like larger yachts.
  • Privacy: Small yachts tend to offer a more intimate and private experience than larger ones, as they are usually designed for smaller groups of people. This can provide an extra level of comfort for passengers seeking a more personalized and private experience.
  • Space: It is true that large yachts usually offer more space than small ones. However, some small yachts are designed to maximize interior space and offer a similar level of comfort to a large yacht.

In summary, although a small yacht may offer less space than a large yacht, it can offer a similar level of comfort if the layout and equipment are well designed. Therefore, the size of the yacht is not the only factor to take into account when evaluating the comfort that a yacht offers .

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