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All our activities are designed so that the client has the best day of his vacation. You don’t have to worry about anything and we take care of making you happy.

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  • Lunch and morning snakes,travel insurance helps cover costs in the event of an accident.
  • Good vibes and attitude, is so that you can enjoy your whole experience getting to know incredible places.
  • Round trip, the travel insurance covers expenses in case of accident.
  • English speaking guide ,person with experience in the territory (bilingual guide on request – additional cost of $)

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Cartagena-tours has an on-site team and an online team to answer all your questions. Prices are shown on the activity sheets as well as on their respective pages.

You will also find a lot of information about each activity that will be very useful if you have any doubts about a particular topic.

Cartagena tours is the number 1 tourism agency in Cartagena, we have set up a network of partners to offer you activities at the best price.

Booking a tourist activity with Cartagena Tours is to have a complete experience of the city of Cartagena. This city has a lot to offer tourists, from its beautiful beaches to the many historical and cultural sites. By booking a tourist activity with Cartagena Tours, I will not only have the opportunity to see these places, but also to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that surround the city. In addition, by hiring the services of Cartagena Tours, I will have the opportunity to be advised by a professional guide. This will allow me to get first-hand information about the places I will visit and make the most of my tourist experience. This is especially important if I don't have a lot of international travel experience or if I don't know the local culture. The guide will also be able to explain in detail the history and culture of the city, so that I get an intimate understanding of the places I will visit. In addition, by booking with Cartagena Tours, I will be sure that my vacation will be safe. The expert guides know the city well, so they will be able to guide me through the best paths and places for you to enjoy the best experience. They will also give me advice on how to avoid dangerous situations, stay safe during my stay and take precautions in case of emergencies. Finally, booking a tourist activity with Cartagena Tours is an excellent opportunity to save time and money during my stay. This company offers tourist packages at affordable prices, which include transportation, lodging, meals and entrance fees to the main tourist attractions in Cartagena. This will allow me to save time in planning my trip, as well as money by avoiding paying individual transportation and entrance fees.

To book an activity in Cartagena, the process is very simple, go to the top of this page and select the activity you are interested in. You will access a page with all the information and the possibility to book your activity.

To enjoy an activity safely and at the best price, it is recommended to visit the Cartagena-Tours agency. With these tourism professionals, you will enjoy a risk-free experience and advantageous rates. Cartagena-Tours guarantees safe activities and offers you a wide variety of options, such as excursions, tours and sightseeing tours. In addition, you will be in direct contact with qualified personnel at your disposal. You can even benefit from tips and recommendations to better organize your trip. With Cartagena-Tours, you can be sure to enjoy quality service and travel with peace of mind and security. So do not hesitate to stop by the Cartagena-Tours agency to book your activity and make the most of your stay.

The months with the best weather are from December to February, but Cartagena is an accessible tourist destination all year round. In Cartagena-Tours we have activities to offer you throughout the year.

No, Cartagena is not a dangerous city. It is a beautiful and charming tourist city with a vibrant nightlife and many activities to enjoy. Security in the city is high, due to constant police surveillance. Crime is low compared to other Colombian cities, and insecurity is minimal. While it is true that there are certain misdemeanors, these are generally non-violent and take place in specific areas. In general, Cartagena is a safe tourist city where visitors can enjoy culture, gastronomy and beauty without any problems.

Indeed, Cartagena is not a dangerous city in terms of security, on the other hand there are many scams and deceptions. Scams on the beaches, in the city center, fake vendors on the street... Cartagena will make you meet wonderful people but you will still have to be attentive and book your activities in Cartagena-Tours to avoid a bad experience.

There are many things to do in Cartagena, such as visiting the ancient castles and fortresses, visiting the museums, enjoying the nightlife, strolling through the old town, practicing water sports, relaxing on the beach, tasting the local food, enjoying the flamenco and folklore shows and much more.

If you wish to reserve an activity, you must pay a credit card deposit that varies between 30 and 50% depending on each activity. The rest of the payment is made on site in cash on the day of the activity.

In partnership with Stripe, the world's No. 1 e-commerce payment provider, we have implemented the SSL system that enables data encryption. Therefore, when you submit your bank details on our website, they are not visible and cannot be collected or stored.

Reservations cannot be cancelled but can be modified at no additional cost up to 48 hours before the start of your activity.

You have several contact methods available on our website. The first is the telephone. the number is displayed at the bottom of the site. You can also contact us via whatsapp by clicking on the icon present on every page of the site. Finally, you can send us an e-mail. Our support is very responsive between 8:00 am. and 7:00 p. m. every day of the week.


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unique & amazing

Nobody knows Cartagena de Indias like our experts. Our team is made up solely of Cartageneros born and raised, and the only thing they love more than their city is sharing it with tourists.

personalized and quality

A personalized service for each of our customers! At Cartagena Tours, each traveler is unique. We do our best to offer you a quality service. With Cartagena Tours, you will only get the best.

our hands

We take care of all the little details that can make your stay even more pleasant. We believe that your vacation should also be unique. That is why we tailor our services to your specific needs.


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