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What are the best beaches in Cartagena de Indias?


Cartagena has so many sandy beaches that it is difficult to decide which one to go to. Some of these beaches are located in the city and others on nearby islands, all of them have their own characteristics depending on your preferences.

To visit the beaches that we have selected as the best sandy beaches in Cartagena, you should have at least one or two weeks of vacation, so you can visit the most beautiful beaches in Colombia. Follow our guide to find the best beaches in Cartagena, Colombia, and spend a great vacation in the Caribbean with Cartagena-tours !

What is Rosario Island beach like and how can you get there?

The best beaches in Cartagena are actually close to the city. One hour by boat from the city of Cartagena is the Rosario Archipelago, an archipelago of 28 islands. Some of these islands are large enough to house several resorts.

Discover the tour 4 Rosario Islands .

In the archipelago you can hike and explore the lagoon surrounding the islands. So you can live this experience we pick you up at the hotel, the transfer to the islands is by boat, that includes round trip, also you will have access to the beach of white sand (normally privatized by the resort) and will include lunch on the island in front of their turquoise waters. Unlike most hotels on the mainland, children are usually charged full price to enter these resorts and in hotels in the case of room selection, even if their plan is to sleep in the same bed the children pay for the stay, and usually at a high price.

More information about Isla Grande , Cartagena de Indias.

Other activities you can do in these paradisiacal islands are snorkeling and a visit to the open sea aquarium, tickets can be purchased on site. The island has many options, but they are generally more expensive.

Do you want to know the history of the Rosario Islands ?

Why should I go to BocaGrande Beach?

The best beach in Cartagena de Indias, recommended by the locals, is Bocagrande beach.

  • – It is a beautiful, wide and clean beach. A beach in front of the Caribbean Sea and with the best view of the sunset.
  • – It is a modern beach in Cartagena and has sun loungers, while other beaches only have chairs.
  • – One of the disadvantages is that it has many salesmen and masseurs.

This beach is a great place to relax all day, lunch on the beach is worth it, the street vendors really bring quality food prepared near the beach.

Once you have reserved an outdoor chair and a suitable umbrella, ask your assistant who can bring drinks or food.

If negotiated correctly, they are usually cheaper than a beach supplier and offer a faster and more reliable service.

What is Baru Beach in Cartagena like?

Discover this little piece of paradise offered by the beach of Isla Barú , one of the most popular in Cartagena de Indias, especially Playa Blanca , which is a very busy beach and visited mainly by locals.

A curious fact is that the island of Baru in Cartagena, Colombia, is not really an island, but a peninsula with many other resorts and beaches.

You can visit the island of Baru in Cartagena, during sunset, and dive around Cholon, on the island of Colombia, which is also a popular place for yacht parties and bachelorette parties.

If your interest is to visit a tourist center, a good option is Isla del Encanto, a day trip for 3 people with a snorkeling excursion that is Punta Arena Pasadía .

What is the Castillogrande beach in Cartagena like?

Another beautiful beach paradise in Cartagena de Indias is Castillogrande, at the tip of the maritime peninsula, just below the Miami-style buildings. Castillogrande, in Cartagena de Indias, is one of the favorite beaches of locals and visitors, as it is usually a fairly quiet beach with a softer swell.

However, these beaches still conserve their coves, the joy and energy so characteristic of the beaches of the Colombian Caribbean coast. In addition, from this beach it is possible to take a boat to the island of Tierra Bomba, only 15 minutes from this point of the city.

The best thing is that with the characteristics of the swell in this area, the trip is usually very smooth and calm.

Why is a visit to Playa Marbella a must?

Marbella Cartagena beach is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. It consists of about 10 places and a small beach surrounded by rocks, which can become very dangerous in strong winds.

However, it is within walking distance of some of the larger hotels, such as the Ibis Cartagena Marbella, and the beach is fairly quiet in terms of entertainment and vendors. Marbella Colombia beach is ideal for a short stay on the beach, close to the city center and the old town.

What is La Boquilla beach in Cartagena like?

La Boquilla is one of the largest paradisiacal beaches in Cartagena, with hundreds of meters of fine sand and some of the best and most expensive hotels in the city.

The area is ideal to enjoy in a resort hotel, different from being on the beach itself, since this beach is so large that visitors can feel lonely. Additionally, there is not much to do, the only plan is to walk from the beach to the hotel.

This beach is very distant from the other tourist spots. There are not many stores, restaurants or bars around. As the beach is almost deserted, it is not easy to find a place to eat and drink while enjoying the sun on the beach. Boquilla means faucet, spout or nozzle in English, as the beach looks like the Cartagena spout from above.

Earth Bomb

This coast is located in the Western Caribbean Sea, south of the city of Cartagena de Indias and north of the Baru Peninsula, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The climate is perfectly tropical. Access to this island can be made by boat 10 minutes from the city, it is one of the closest islands to Cartagena.

Tierra Bomba is characterized by a wide strip of white sand on the coast of the island, its turquoise waters are calm and crystal clear. Travelers have two options, the native sector and the exclusive sector. Those who choose the native sector can enjoy the quiet beaches of Punta Arena.

On the other hand, those who prefer the luxury sector can enjoy the Beach Club of the Tropical Inn Hotel. There you can relax, enjoy the sun under umbrellas and beds at your disposal.

Cartagena de Indias is, of course, the perfect place to relax on the beach, and to swim in its crystal clear waters. There are many beaches in the city that you can enjoy and the boat trips to reach them are relatively short.

Its proximity to protected coral reefs makes it one of the best places in Colombia for diving activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

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