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Islas del Rosario Shopping Center: How to buy?


There is no Islas del Rosario shopping center in Colombia. The Rosario Islands are a natural national park formed by an archipelago of preserved islands, focused mainly on ecological tourism. Due to its national park status and its aim to preserve the natural environment, the islands are not developed with shopping malls or other large-scale commercial infrastructure.

The islands’ infrastructure is limited and focuses mainly on eco-lodges, restaurants, souvenir shops, and nature-related outdoor activities such as snorkeling and coral reef exploring. Most visitors come to the Rosario Islands to enjoy the archipelago’s natural beauty and outdoor activities, rather than to go shopping.

If you’re looking for malls, you’ll need to head to Cartagena on the mainland, where you’ll find a wide variety of malls, boutiques, and markets to satisfy your shopping needs.

rosario islands shopping center

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How long is the bus ride from Cartagena to Rosario Islands?

The duration of the journey between Cartagena and Islas del Rosario may vary depending on the means of transport chosen. Here are some general estimates:

  • By public boat: Public boats (ferries) usually leave from the port of Cartagena, either from the Bodeguita Dock or the Pegasos Tourist Dock. The journey by public boat to the Rosario Islands can last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the weather conditions and the stops that are made on the different islands of the park.
  • By private boat: If you hire a private boat or opt for a private excursion, the journey time can be slightly less, usually between 1 and 1.5 hours.

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Where to buy in Rosario Islands?

The Rosario Islands are mainly protected islands with a small resident population. Due to its unspoilt natural environment, shopping availability on the islands themselves may be limited. These are some options for shopping in the Rosario Islands:

  • Local Shopping: On some islands there may be small grocery stores or local vendors selling basic items such as snacks, drinks and necessities. However, it is important to note that the selection may be limited.
  • Hotels and lodges: If you stay in a hotel or lodge on the Rosario Islands, they may have shops or mini-markets where you can buy basic products, snacks and souvenirs.
  • Pre-shopping in Cartagena: Before heading to the islands, you can do your shopping in Cartagena, the neighboring city on the mainland. Cartagena offers a wide variety of supermarkets, markets and shops where you can buy provisions, food and other items before leaving for the Rosario Islands.

It is advisable to plan ahead and bring with you any essential items you may need during your stay on the islands, as shopping options may be limited.

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Is food expensive in the Rosario Islands?

As the Rosario Islands are an isolated archipelago and primarily focused on ecotourism, it is important to note that food prices can be relatively higher compared to other areas of Colombia. This is due to the logistics required to supply the islands with food products, as well as transport costs.

In the restaurants of the hotels and lodges of the Rosario Islands, the prices of the meals can be, in general, higher than those charged in the urban areas of the mainland. Food establishments on the islands often have to import food products and must take into account transport costs and logistical difficulties, which can influence prices.

It is also important to note that the food supply on the islands may be limited, as they are smaller and less densely populated than urban areas.

rosario islands shopping center

Can food be sent to the Rosario Islands?

Due to its isolated location and its status as a national park, it can be difficult to get food and other products to the Rosario Islands. The islands are mainly oriented towards ecotourism and have limited infrastructure.

Most of the accommodation establishments on the islands have their own restaurants or catering services, where visitors can eat during their stay. Some establishments may also offer additional catering or appetizer options.

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