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Hotel Torre del Reloj: A jewel of history and luxury in Cartagena de Indias


If you are looking for a special experience that combines history, luxury and charm, the Torre del Reloj Hotel in Cartagena de Indias is an exclusive choice. Located in the center of Cartagena’s old town, this hotel offers more than just accommodation. Immerses you in the captivating history of this Colombian city steeped in culture and authenticity.

A privileged location

The Hotel Torre del Reloj is located a few steps from the famous Clock Tower, the imposing historic gate of Cartagena. This strategic location makes it easy for travelers to fully enjoy the magic of the old town. You can discover this wonderful colonial building during the city tour that we offer to the city. From the hotel, you will have immediate access to the cobblestone streets, centuries-old churches, illuminated squares and the many restaurants and shops that make Cartagena such a charming place.

A dive into history

Upon entering the Torre del Reloj Hotel, you enter a world that delicately mixes the colonial history of Cartagena with the comforts of today. The building itself, from the 16th century, is a vestige of Spanish colonial architecture. Vaulted ceilings, wrought iron balconies, wooden beams and period furniture create a subtle atmosphere that will transport you back in time.

Comfort and elegance

Hotel Torre del Reloj offers a wide range of accommodation, from double rooms to luxurious suites. Each room is adorned with beautiful details, combining period elements with modern amenities such as air conditioning, cable TV, minibar and free Wi-Fi. Soft beds and fully equipped bathrooms ensure a tempting stay.

For an even more extraordinary experience, the suites offer an abundance of space, expansive views of the old town, whirlpool tubs and seating areas, providing all the relaxation you could wish for.

Delicious cuisine

The Torre del Reloj Hotel offers a memorable culinary experience in its El Torreo restaurant. Guests can taste local and international cuisine in elegant surroundings overlooking the Plaza de los Coches. Breakfast is usually included in your stay, and is chosen using fresh local produce to offer you the best of the best, in wonderful surroundings. Among the hotels in the center of Cartagena , the Torre del Reloj hotel is one of the most emblematic

Services and facilities

The hotel located in the walled city of Cartagena offers a wide range of services to make your stay memorable. 24-hour reception, attentive and helpful staff, concierge service, laundry, shuttle service and nearby parking to make getting around easy.

Explore the city

Staying at the Torre del Reloj Hotel is the perfect opportunity to explore Cartagena at your own pace. Stroll the cobblestone streets of the old town, discover memorable museums and churches, and relax on the white sand beaches of the Caribbean coast. Cartagena is full of educational and historical treasures that are worth exploring in depth.

Colombian hospitality

Finally, what undoubtedly distinguishes the Torre del Reloj Hotel is its warm and genuine welcome. The team is always ready to respond to your particular needs.

If you are looking for exceptional accommodation in Cartagena de Indias, the Torre del Reloj Hotel is a unique option. With its colonial charm, modern amenities and charming history, this hotel offers you a complete experience to fully enjoy this exceptional city. Come and experience the history and luxury of Cartagena while enjoying the friendly Colombian welcome that will make your stay memorable.

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