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Cartagena Cruises: discover the jewels of the Caribbean


Cartagena, the beautiful and picturesque city of Colombia, is an ideal destination to live an unforgettable cruise adventure. Cruises departing from Cartagena offer travelers the unique opportunity to discover the jewels of the Caribbean and enjoy an extraordinary maritime experience. Before embarking on your cruise, discover the secrets of the city and the activities Cartagena has to offer.

The Port of Cartagena: starting point

Before embarking on this unforgettable maritime adventure from the port of Cartagena, take your time to discover the picturesque city. Cartagena is full of cultural treasures and exciting activities that will immerse you in its original charm. Explore the beautiful and colorful streets of the old town, visit the impressive historic fortifications surrounding the port and taste the wonderful local cuisine. You can also opt for a guided tour on the Chiva Bus to learn more about the city’s rich history and its fascinating anecdotes.

As you discover Cartagena, you will delve into its vibrant atmosphere and shared culture, adding an even richer dimension to your cruise experience. Once you’ve explored the city’s wonderful gems, you’ll be ready to embark on your cruise for a magical adventure through the Caribbean and Central America. Make the most of every moment, whether on land or at sea, to create memories that will stay with you forever. Enjoy your trip!

The port of Cartagena is one of the largest cruise ports in South America. It has modern infrastructure and extensive facilities to accommodate cruise ships. Travelers can easily board comfortable, well-equipped boats to begin their adventure on the high seas. For thrill-seekers, the bay tour is the perfect option to relax for a few hours at sunset. And here is more about the Cartagena yacht trip and the price .

Exotic destinations

Caribbean Islands: Cruises departing from Cartagena can visit exotic islands such as St. Andrew, Aruba, Curaçao and the Virgin Islands. These destinations feature beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and a rich Caribbean culture.

The Panama Canal: Some itineraries include the famous Panama Canal crossing, which offers a unique experience for lovers of history and engineering.

Central America: It is also an opportunity to discover Central American countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras, each with its own natural beauty and culture.

Activities on board

On board cruise ships, travelers can enjoy a wide variety of facilities, such as gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, nightly shows, yacht parties , spas and exciting stopover excursions. One of the excursions that you can enjoy is the Tour of the 5 Islas del Rosario .

Cruises from Cartagena offer a unique opportunity to discover the wonderful destinations of the Caribbean and Central America, while enjoying the comfort of the most modern cruises. Whether you like to relax, are a history buff or a traveler in search of new experiences, a cruise from Cartagena is an excellent opportunity.

Top 5 activities

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Boat rental

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Totumo Volcano

Live a unique experience in the Totumo Volcano, 30 minutes from Cartagena.
Skin and health benefits

A day at a paradisiacal beach

Spend a day at the most beautiful beaches in the region, meals and transportation included.

Rosario Islands 4 islands Tour

take a tour of all the most beautiful islands of rosario in sport boats

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Cartagena, colorida ciudad colombiana cargada de historia, es famosa por sus calles empedradas y sus

volcan totumo

Cuando pensamos en volcanes, solemos imaginarnos una gran montaña majestuosa escupiendo lava fundida. En Cartagena,

playa blanca cartagena

Si busca una escapada paradisíaca en la costa colombiana, no busque más allá de Tour

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