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Used boats and motorboats in Colombia: How to get?


Boats and boats used in Colombia, we advise you on how to do it. Finding and buying used boats in Colombia can be done in several ways.

  • Used Boat Sales Websites: Many specialized used boat sales websites offer a variety of boats in Colombia. Some prominent sites are YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and However, you may need to use a search engine to find Colombian-specific websites.
  • Boat Brokers: Boat brokers are professionals who assist in the buying and selling of boats. They can have extensive knowledge of the Colombian market and help you find the perfect used boat.
  • Boat Shows: Boat shows are excellent places to view a wide variety of used and new boats for sale. You can check if there is any boat show scheduled in Colombia.
  • Boating Forums: Forums are great places to find information on used boats for sale in Colombia. You can also get tips from other boat owners.
  • Classified websites: Websites such as OLX Colombia or MercadoLibre Colombia may have ads for used boats for sale.
  • Local Marinas and Boat Shops: Visiting local marinas and boat shops can also be a good idea. You may find used boats for sale that are not listed on the internet.
used boats and motorboats in colombia

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What should be checked in a used boat before buying it?

Buying a pre-owned boat requires a certain level of diligence to ensure you get a good deal and avoid potential problems down the road. Here is a list of essential things to check when buying a used boat:

  • General condition: includes the condition of the hull, deck, cabin and storage areas. Look for signs of water damage, corrosion, cracks, or other signs of structural damage.
  • Engine: The engine is one of the most important parts of the boat. Ask to see the engine running and check for signs of trouble, such as excessive smoke, unusual noises, or oil or fuel leaks. If possible, ask for an engine maintenance report.
  • Electrical System: Make sure all electrical systems on the boat are working properly. This includes lights, radio, GPS, and other electronic equipment.
  • Steering and propulsion system: Check the condition of the steering and propulsion system. If the boat is equipped with an outboard motor, make sure it is working properly.
  • Rigging and sails (for sailboats): On sailboats, the rigging should be inspected for signs of corrosion, fatigue, or damage. Sails should be checked for ripped or worn.
  • Safety equipment: make sure the boat is equipped with all the necessary safety equipment such as life jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.
  • Documents: Make sure all documents are in order. This includes title deed, certificate of insurance and navigation licences. In Colombia, the vessel must also be registered at the Harbor Master’s Office.
  • Professional Inspection: If you are not a boat expert, it is often advisable to have your boat inspected by a professional. A boat inspector can identify potential problems that you might miss.

Lastly, it can be helpful to test the boat on the water before purchasing. This can help you identify problems that are not apparent on the ground.

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How long does a used boat last in Colombia?

The useful life of a used boat in Colombia depends on several factors. In general, a well-maintained boat can last 20-30 years or more. This depends on the type of boat, the quality of its construction, the frequency and quality of its maintenance, the conditions in which it is used, and how it is stored when not in use.

However, some boats may need major repairs or replacement after only 10-15 years of use. Therefore, it is essential to carefully inspect any pre-owned boat before buying it. In particular, you should check the condition of the hull, the engine, the electrical system and any safety equipment, among other things. If you are not a boat expert, it may be helpful to have a professional carry out this inspection.

colombia boats

What difference does it make if the boat has been used in fresh or salt water?

Running a boat in saltwater versus freshwater can have a significant impact on its durability and maintenance. Saltwater is more corrosive, which means it can do more damage to your boat’s engines, propulsion systems, hardware, and electronics. Also, salt water contains more marine organisms that can stick to the hull of the boat and affect its efficiency.

As a result, boats used in saltwater often require more rigorous maintenance to minimize these effects, including regular freshwater washing. This does not mean that you should avoid a boat that has been used in salt water, but rather that you should be aware of these potential problems and carefully examine the condition of the boat and its maintenance records.

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