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The best places in the province of Cartagena


The province of Cartagena is located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is a true treasure for lovers of history, nature and adventure. This region is full of magnificent tourist sites in Cartagena to discover.

Historic center of Cartagena

In the heart of Cartagena, the old town is a beautiful journey through time. You will discover beautiful narrow cobblestone streets, colorful colonial buildings and famous squares that will transport you to the time of Spanish colonization.

The walled city

These imposing buildings were built to protect the city from attacks by large walls of pirates and enemies. You can walk along the walls and admire the panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea.

Bolivar plaza

This central square is the heart of the old town. It is surrounded by several historic buildings, including the Cartagena Cathedral. In the center of the square is the equestrian statue of Simón Bolívar, which pays tribute to the liberator of South America.

The palace of the Inquisition

This spectacular building currently houses the Museum of the Inquisition, where you can learn more about important periods in the history of Cartagena. The interior architecture is as impressive as the history it contains. Don’t forget Gethsemane, a story of dispossession .

The beautiful Rosario Islands

The magnificent Rosario Islands are located about 45 minutes by boat from Cartagena. They are a haven of peace and natural beauty. This archipelago of about thirty islands is the ideal place to escape the bustling city and enjoy nature.

Diving and snorkeling

The crystal clear blue waters that surround the Rosario Islands are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy colorful coral reefs, diverse marine life, and ancient shipwrecks.

White beach

This fine white sand beach is a wonderful place to relax in the sun, swim and enjoy fresh seafood at one of the local restaurants. Its relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal getaway.

Corales del Rosario National Natural Park

This protected park is home to a wide variety of marine and terrestrial species. You can participate in various guided tours to learn more about the unique flora and fauna of the region.

The sumptuous volcano of Totumo

About a two-hour drive from Cartagena, you will find the impressive Totumo volcano , a relaxing natural place to visit. Unlike traditional volcanoes, this one is full of volcanic mud, which makes it a unique experience:

mud bath

You can relax in the hot and relaxing mud of the Totumo volcano. This mud has real beneficial properties for the skin, in addition to offering a fun and original experience.

Panoramic view

After your mud bath, climb the volcano for a panoramic view of the Colombian landscape, including lakes and hills.

Sea Corner

Don’t miss the charming fishing village of Rincón del Mar, where you can taste fresh seafood dishes and enjoy the tranquility of the Caribbean coast. Cartagena Tours will be happy to offer you an incredible experience in this beautiful region.

The province of Cartagena is full of hidden treasures, such as its rich history, brilliant beaches and other unique natural landscapes. Whether you are a culture buff, a nature enthusiast or an adventurer looking for new experiences, this region of South America has something to offer everyone. So get ready to explore these three must-see gems on your next trip to Cartagena.

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