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2,000,000.00 $COP

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include in cartagena toursAll-inclusive day

include in cartagena toursFishing with a professional

include in cartagena toursPrivate Boat

include in cartagena toursEquipment provided

include in cartagena toursAll types of fishing

include in cartagena toursfood included


Fishing day price per person with equipment and private boat all included:


1 Person 1 day: 2.000.000 COP/person = 2.000.000 COP TOTAL – 410 USD

2 Person 1 day: 1.600.000.000 COP/person = 3.200.000 COP TOTAL – 660 USD

3 Person 1 day: 1.400.000 COP/person = 4.200.000 COP TOTAL – 875 USD

4 Person 1 day: 1.200.000 COP/person= 4.800.000 COP TOTAL – 1000 USD



Half-day fishing price per person with equipment and private boat all included:


1 Person 1 half day: 1.500.000 COP/person = 2.000.000 COP TOTAL – 312 USD

2 Person 1 half day: 1.300.000 COP/person = 2.600.000 COP TOTAL – 540 USD

3 Person 1 half day: 1.100.000 COP/person = 3.300.000 COP TOTAL – 680 USD

4 Person 1 half day: 900.000 COP/person = 3.600.000 COP TOTAL – 750 USD


Do you dream of sailing the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea while learning about the different fishing techniques currently practiced? A professional fishing guide will take you on board for half a day or a full day at sea departing from one of the nuggets of the Caribbean Sea: the surroundings of Cartagena de Indias. This leisure activity will undoubtedly please all fishing lovers.


Your deep sea fishing trip in Cartagena


You will meet your instructor at the port in the morning. Start by explaining the direction of your sport fishing activity. The latter has been his great passion since he was a child. It is a pleasure that he will share his skills with you for half a day or a day of fishing. It will adapt to your desires and your level, whether you are an experienced fisherman or a novice.


After getting to know each other, your fishing guide reminds you of the safety instructions to follow and provides you with all the necessary fishing equipment: rods, baits, lures and life jackets. Then board a boat fully equipped for fishing trips.


You will live with your guide a quality fishing experience. The latter will introduce you to various sport fishing techniques and teach you how to choose them according to various criteria (species, seasons, weather conditions).


Two fishing programs are offered. Remember to bring lunch if you choose the fishing day package.

Sea fishing trip in Cartagena (hunting, vertical) – Private formula 1 to 4 people – 1/2 day or 1 day of fishing

You embark on a fishing boat to learn how to hunt by fishing, and vertically. It is not necessary to be an experienced fisherman: you will learn easily in the company of the instructor. These inshore fishing techniques are very effective for catching bonito, sea bass, mackerel and tuna.

* fishing on the hunt: consists of fishermen observing the surface of the sea to identify surface activity that signals a fish hunt. They occur when predators such as tuna detect a school of small fish, surround it and push it to the surface. Anglers need only approach their fishing boats and cast their lines into this mix of fish.

* vertical fishing: it consists of slowly submerging a lure or soft bait. It is then necessary to move the lure/bait in the water as naturally as possible to attract predators.

Trolling: You will learn slow and fast trolling techniques. They are perfect for catching dentex, amberjack, barracuda and bluefin tuna. The principle is simple. A live bait, weighted with a sinker, is dragged in the wake of the fishing boat. Between these two inshore fishing techniques, fast trolling is particularly recommended.


A day of fishing in Cartagena with a professional fisherman and a 28 feet sport boat.

Learn to fish with a native fisherman from Cartagena. From a very early age he loved the sea and the art of fishing, he will guide you to the best fishing areas of the Caribbean Sea.


You will leave at the same time as the Taganga native fisherman departure, around 8:00 am for a half or full day of fishing depending on the formula you choose.


We lend you all the fishing equipment you will need, different types of baits and you will learn all the fishing techniques.

A refrigerator will be present on this boat with two 115hp 28-foot engines, ideal for a day combining sport and pleasure.


Tours depart daily, with discounts available for larger groups. A fun and exciting day at sea, book now.


We have two packages for fishing day: 30 minutes 1 hour Fishing is very popular in Cartagena de Indias Why make a fishing day? The fishing day is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Cartagena de Indias. Tourists rent a boat for up to seven hours and head to areas designated for fishing trips, such as “Punta Canoa”. The insular area of Cartagena de Indias, which also receives hundreds of fishing tourists throughout the year. In the evening, the amateurs located on the “Avenida Santander”, near the “Santo Domingo Baluarte”, attract fishing enthusiasts. On the rocks, both experts and beginners cast their hooks into the sea and spend several hours doing what is called inshore fishing or spinning. Whether as a sport or as a hobby, fishing is an awesome experience and a lot of fun. If you are in Cartagena de Indias, go out and experience it by letting yourself be carried away by the sea.

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