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Isla Cholón Agua Azul Barú: A hidden paradise


Located not far from the coast of Colombia, the island of Cholón Agua Azul, on the island of Barú, is a pure hidden treasure. Nestled in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, this idyllic island offers a unique adventure for travelers in an area of ​​peace, natural beauty and relaxation under the exotic sun. Let’s discover together this jewel of Colombia.

Access to Cholón Island Agua Azul Barú

Isla Cholón Agua Azul is accessible from the coastal city of Cartago, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia. To reach the island, you can take a boat trip from the port of Cartago, a true experience with panoramic views of the coast and blue waters.

Once you arrive on the island of Barú, you will be instantly seduced by the natural beauty of this place. White sand beaches, gigantic palm trees and crystal blue waters stretch on forever.

The dream beaches of Isla Cholón blue water Barú

The beaches of Isla Cholón Agua Azul Barú are among the most dazzling in the Caribbean.

The crystal clear waters are home to a wide variety of colorful tropical fish, starfish and extraordinary corals. Freediving extenders are delightful to discover this remarkable marine ecosystem.

Visitors to the island can choose to settle on one of the main beaches or explore the more isolated crisis to regain privacy. Discover all day trips . The main beach is lively, with local vendors selling fresh fruits, cocktails and seafood dishes.

Abundant marine life

The richness of marine life is one of the main attractions of Isla Cholón Agua Azul. The crystal clear waters offer a wide variety of colorful tropical fish, sea turtles and extraordinary corals. Snorkelers are delighted to discover this extraordinary marine ecosystem.

In addition, the island is a breeding ground for sea turtles, and if you have the opportunity, you will be able to discover these magnificent creatures thanks to their nesting.

Activities and entertainment

If you want to go beyond lazing on the beach, Isla Cholón Agua Azul Barú also offers a range of options to satisfy active travelers. You can rent kayaks to explore the surrounding area, go paddle boarding, or take a boat ride to enjoy the protected coral reefs and tropical fish. Discover everything that Cartagena tours offers you.

The island in Cartagena is famous for its beach parties, especially on weekends. You can dance to the rhythm of Caribbean music, discover delicious local dishes and exotic cocktails, and enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

Responsible ecotourism

Isla Cholón Agua Azul Barú is an example of the importance of conscious ecotourism. Preserving this exceptional natural environment is crucial to maintaining the beauty of the island. Local authorities and residents are working together to protect this delicate ecosystem and ensure that future generations can benefit from it.

It is important to comply with the island’s rules and regulations, such as garbage collection and respect for turtle nesting areas. By following responsible practices, visitors can help maintain the natural beauty of Islas Azul Cartagena for years to come.

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Located not far from the coast of Colombia, the island of Cholón Agua Azul, on

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