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How to get to Rosario Island from Cartagena?


Rosario Island is located a short distance from Cartagena, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It is a dream destination for travelers seeking white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular coral reefs. However, getting to this paradise island may seem complex at first. Find out how to plan your trip to Rosario Island from Cartagena. ¿Where are the Rosario Islands?

Choose your means of transportation

There are several options to get to Rosario Island from Cartagena:

How to get to the Rosario Islands?

By speed boat : It is the most comfortable and fastest option. You can book a speedboat tour from Cartagena port with Cartagena-Tours . These excursions include snorkeling stops and guided tours of the Rosario Islands.

By private sailboat or yacht : If you prefer a more personal experience, you can choose to charter a sailboat or rent a private yacht with crew. This will allow you to choose your itinerary and make the most of the beauty of the islands, whenever you want and with as much privacy as you want.

By public ferry: A cheaper option is to take a public ferry from the port of Cartagena. However, these ferries are less frequent and comfort is quite limited.

Once you have chosen the means of transportation, book your excursion. You can book online in advance, which is the easiest way to manage your finances and ensure you have plenty to do. Be sure to check hours and availability, especially in high season.

A day of relaxation

Before you leave, be sure to pack everything you need for a day on the island. Do not forget:

A swimsuit and a beach towel: you can enjoy relaxing in the heart of the island’s crystal-clear waters.

Sunscreen and hat: The tropical sun will not do you any favors and although it is very pleasant, be careful with the UV index.

A camera: the Rosario Islands are magnificent and worth capturing as a souvenir.

Cash: Some islands may not accept credit cards, so be sure to have cash on hand for on-the-go expenses.

A bottle of water and snacks: Despite the local bars serving local food and drink, you may find yourself hungry or thirsty during your day on the island.

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